Hellon Feel Safe helps you restore the trust and peace of mind for your customers after COVID-19

Companies and organisations which are the most likely to bounce back quickly after the Coronavirus outbreak, are the ones who can restore the feeling of safety for their customers and show that measures have been taken for improved customer safety as part of the service experience.

Hellon is launching a concept called Feel Safe, which helps organisations analyse and maximise the feeling safety for their customers and normalise the cash flows as quickly and as effectively as possible in the post-corona world. 

Ensuring the feeling of safety will be a future business priority

During the past few weeks, Hellon has designed a Feel Safe concept for biosafety analysis for the needs of the customer service industries in close cooperation with leading medical, biosafety and service design experts. 

According to Hellon’s research, 84% of the consumers say that safety will be one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing between service providers after the pandemic. 

Over a half of the respondents (53%) say that they would consider start using a service at an earlier stage if the service provider can prove that they have significantly improved or enhanced their customer safety.


Hellon’s research also found out that among the four most eminent service industry categories, the feeling of safety has a positive effect on the cash flow, and it reduces the amount of time it takes people to start using a service again. These industries are travel, commuting, entertainment (film, events, culture) and other everyday services (e.g. retail, restaurants). 

Turning point in everyday biosafety and how we perceive it 

In the core of the technical biosafety programmes will be service-specifically designed cleaning and sterilising processes and safe human contacts. These solutions alone aren’t, however, enough to restore the customer’s peace of mind. As a result of the pandemic, customers need convincing that they are safe when they visit businesses or use their services. It is therefore vital that service providers are able to answer to that need. Creating comfort and sense of safety after the disruptive circumstances will be key factors in restoring the customer’s trust. 

The measures that organisations are to take to improve their safety can be related to the physical space, safety communications, specific procedures in customer encounters in stores, public transport or any other mundane encounters between people. In the future it will be more important than ever that we rethink and redesign how, for example, tickets are inspected, how fruit and vegetables are sold, how we queue, how we sit in restaurants - and so forth. 

Tomorrow’s trailblazer service models lead the way today

The everyday service models that we are familiar with today will go through holistic changes after the coronavirus. They will, for example, be digitalised and service environments and customer flows will go through comprehensive reformations. There are elements which can help smooth out the process of restoring the feeling of safety in customer service. Service design, cutting-edge insight and communications will play a vital role in this. 

In addition to Finland, the concept is under prototyping and delivery negotiations in Germany, the UK and South Korea. The concept has already aroused much interest among business owners and organisations globally. Much of the development work of the project has been enabled by the additional business development funding from Business Finland due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

 The founder & CEO Jaakko Wäänänen, Data Science Lead Niko Reunanen and Lead Service Designer Lotta Julkunen are leading the project at Hellon. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the Hellon Feel Safe concept:

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