AINO helps managing the customer experience


In our previous post, we introduced AINO, Hellon’s newly launched solution utilising artificial intelligence. Now we take a closer look at how AINO supports customer experience management and the process of making customer experience related predictions.


Anticipating and making predictions in the management of customer experience is particularly complex and challenging, as the customer experience is influenced by various factors. The ability of artificial intelligence to find patterns and draw conclusions from large amounts of customer data will take customer experience management to the next level.


With AINO, we can combine large volumes of various data sources and model the customer experience in a whole new way. This means that the context of the customer experience can finally be modeled as a whole phenomenon and thereby create predictability for the development of customer experience. In practice, AINO can predict, for example, the life cycle of customer relationships and customer deprivation from a new perspectives (such as: What customer experience related factors affect a customer churn in a particular customer segment? Or which investment target would guarantee the highest conversion to customer satisfaction?).


AINO helps to identify the relevant pain points as well as to introduce completely new opportunities out of the companies’ customer experience related data. Therefore, companies should invest the money reserved for improving their customer experience to the possibilities identified by artificial intelligence to really concentrate on improving the right things. In other words, AINO will help you to run to the right direction with full speed when it comes to developing your company’s customer experience.


AINO produces analysis and predictions on customer experience related factors that are measured within a company. This, in turn, creates a more relevant connection between customer experience and sales and customer relationship development. By understanding our customer experience and its relationship with sales and customer relationship development, we know how to develop customer loyalty. Through making predictions, AINO can also provide information, tools and solutions for the customer service staff, so they have better chances to succeed in their work and provide better customer service.


Above all, AINO is a customer’s voice brought to the management of the company in a relevant manner. AINO supports the top management in investment decisions, operational guidance, customer relationship management, as well as service planning.


Interested in hearing more about AINO? We’ll be happy to share more information on how AINO could help your company in managing the customer experience. Please contact us:


Laura Franck, Client Service Director


Niko Reunanen, Data Science Lead

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