Which investments to prioritise? AINO helps in making better investment decisions


We have published few posts about Hellon’s AI solution AINO, which aims to help organisations in managing their customer experience. In this post, we take a closer look on how AINO can help companies to better target their customer experience related investments.


We know that most organisations have a wealth of data at their disposal. We also know that these organisations have very little understanding on how to use the data properly and make optimal decisions based on it. According to Forrester Research, approximately 60% – 73% of the data collected by the organisations remains unused in analytics.


At Hellon, we have identified that the key challenge for developing customer experience is the endless list of different, alternative development objects. Typically, customer experience managers are considering, for example, whether they should invest in training the customer service staff, acquire new applications, train the management team or even move into a new business premises. There is no accurate information or measurements available on the impacts of the different investments on the overall development of customer experience. Many investments fail because understanding the customer experience in a big picture with all the dependencies is too challenging for a human being.


With AINO, we want to help organisations identify the best investment targets within customer experience to get the best return on customer experience. For evaluating the investments we have developed a service called AINO ROCX™, Return on Customer Experience. This is an approach and calculation model created by Hellon to model how to prioritize investments in the development of customer experience. AINO ROCX ™ analyses the organisation's existing customer data using artificial intelligence and answers the question: Which combination of actions will result to the highest impact on customer experience and thus on the development of the customer value?


AINO ROCX™ provides accurate, data-based information on client experience conversions to the action plan. Alternatively, AINO will also build a data-based optimal combination of actions to achieve the maximum impact (conversion in customer experience). This will help the customer experience managers within the organisations to better anticipate the impact of different investments and to ensure that the invested money and time are used in a best possible manner.


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