Podcast Recommendations for the Summer

Summer – the time of the year when the days never end and we all take some time to relax on a beach, in the countryside or why not in a city. Many of us spend the lazy summer days reading a good book (or five) or listening to an interesting podcast. The podcast trend does not look to be slowing down, and there is a plethora of subjects to choose from. If you are interested in exploring the topics of service design, design thinking, and futures thinking in more depth, here are some of our recommendations for THE playlist of the summer. Happy listening and have a great summer!

1. Service Design Show

Conversations with service design and customer experience professionals shaping the field, discussing the current state of the industry, new exciting developments, and experiences gained.

Start here: Episode 47: How leadership shapes great CX - With Ryanne van der Eijk.

2. Future Curious by Nesta 

Future Curious by Nesta is a thought-provoking podcast bringing together experts and radical thinkers to discuss what the future holds, the ideas that affect our future and what we can do about them.

Start here: Episode 6: AI and Creativity - How can artificial intelligence help us all be more creative?

3. The Rosenfeld Review Podcast 

Chats with changemakers in the design industry, from UX design to service design and beyond, looking into changes and trends in the industry and how individuals and teams can respond in ways that drive success.

Start here: From design thinking to design doing - A conversation with IBM on building a design organisation in a massive global company.


Hellon wishes you a lovely summer and inspiring Podcast moments. Remember to write down the thoughts and ideas that arise while listening, and we would be happy to hear more about them over a cup of coffee when we meet again.

If this piqued your interest, we also recommend downloading our Service Design Procurement Guide, in which we give our tips for selecting the right service design partner for you:


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